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The UltraCBD™ brand takes great pride in using the highest quality CBD extract from industrial hemp ensuring that their product has the best possible flavoring while maintaining the effects of a high-CBD rich supplement.

UltraCBD™ 200mg cannabinoid supplement is prepared in a NSF cGMP-certified facility, so the quality is above any other liquid CBD extract we've tested. All ingredients and lots are tested for e.coli, staph, total plate count, coliforms, salmonella, and are tested against industry standard quality control measures. An FDA Required Microbiological & ID Testing Final QC is also required before the final product can leave the facility.

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The CBD Extract Mission

The UltraCBD™ brand is vested heavily in the manufacturing process and is fully committed to providing you with the best and safest cannabinoid supplement you can buy at a fair price. You can rest assured that UltraCBD™ is made in an FDA-approved lab environment to the highest standards and is thoroughly tested and sealed with a calibrated dropper for exact dosing, the expiration date and lot # stamped on each and every bottle.

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This is the same CBD extract I found in marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, California and Arizona. It is 100% Legal for any person to purchase in the U.S., so I made this site to make it available to you too.

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200mg Pure CBD Extract with Herbal Blends

All natural, great spearmint flavor from Ultra CBD™

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UltraCBD™ 200mg
Spearmint Flavor

UltraCBD™ is manufactured at a NSF cGMP –certified facility. Stainless steel Type 304 food grade cylinders are the norm for all formulations. Our facility’s production systems are designed to eliminate human errors.

Quality control is #1 in our manufacturing process. Our production team oversees quality control. Hair nets, masks, gloves, booties and lab coats are worn at every step from formulation to bottling.


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